Subaru Trading Co., Ltd. is a trading company whose goal is to deliver products and services that will give outstanding value to its customers. Subaru deals in industrial diamonds since its foundation in 1984. And Subaru provide its customers through its network in America, Europe and Asia, with natural diamond of just what they need. Besides, Subaru offers synthetic diamonds and CBN as powders or compounds of good quality from LANDS Superabrasives Co. If you are looking for new, different or exiting business, please think of us. We are ready to make
a bridge. We would be proud to be the interface between you and your new business partners.


Company nameSubaru Trading Co., Ltd.
HeadquarterShinjuku-ku, Tokyo Japan
CEOToru Kasahara
Paid in capital¥20,000,000
Begun in1977
ContactNo.501 VORT Nishi-Shinjyuku Bldg., 7-18-5 Nisi-sinjuku. Sinjuku-ku Tokyo 
Japan 160-0023
Phone    +81 3 3368 7321
Facsimile +81 3 3368 7377


1977After retirement from Marubeni Corporation, Nobuyoshi Nakano starts the
natural diamond import sales with a partner and becomes exclusive
importer/distributer of major exporter A.I.D. in USA Soon becomes the top
importer in Japan
1980Starts exporting in Asia
1983Expands its purchase network to obtain abundant stock in various
diamonds which is one of the strong points of the company
1984Subaru Trading Co., Ltd. is founded and all sales activities are transferred
1985Qualified as a sales agent for Toshiba Tungaloy Co., Ltd in ultra high
pressed products
1987Increases the capital to 20 million yen
1991Qualified as exclusive sales agent in Japan for LANDS superabrasive
Starts selling micron powders
1994Moves the headquarter to Shinjuku from Shibuya in Tokyo
1996As representative agent in Japan for RWI, Subaru runs internet database
‘WAND’ which leads search engine for business purpose, in cooperate with
2002N. Nakano participates in the foundation of Kimberley Process Certificate
in Japan by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
200925th Anniversary for establishment for Subaru Trading
2015Nobuyoshi Nakano becomes Chairman of the Board
Toru Kasahara becomes president
2017Nobuyoshi Nakano becomes consultant